Christmas at Newburgh 2020


Christmas 2020 will be different - but no less special.

The letter with all our ideas to celebrate is here.


Our fabulous Christmas tree was supplied by Cobbs Brow Nursery.  We are now accepting wrapped presents to put under the tree for Tawd Vale Lions to distribute to families in need. Team Venables decorated the tree for us this year - Well Done.

Team Venables


Team Venables will be sharing one presentation per week for each week of the Advent:

Advent 2 to be released 04.12.20

Advent 3 to  be released 11.12.20

Advent 4 to be released 18.12.20

Advent 1
Advent 1

Team Rigby


Team Rigby have prepared a presentation about Christingle:

Christingle to be released 01.12.20

Team Rigby Christingle
Team Rigby Christingle

Team Lucas


Team Lucas have prepared a presentation about Good News:

Good News to be released 07.12.20

Team Halton


Team Halton have prepared a presentation about Gifts and Giftbringers:

Gifts and Giftbringers to be released 11.12.20



It wouldn't be Christmas without our famous Forest School Nativity (with real animals)! Team EYFS have performed the traditional Nativity:

Nativity to be released 09.12.20 (via Tapestry).

Nativity Rehearsal
Nativity Rehearsal

Our tree in the entrance to school was decorated by Year 4.