Transition September 2021


At Newburgh CE School we recognise the transition to the next year group is an important part of your child's school experience and education. To support our children and help them prepare for the next stage of their education, we have created the following transition presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint). They include information about the curriculum, routines and introduce the class teacher. We hope that you will find these presentations useful and that they support your child in having a successful transition to the next stage of their education at Newburgh.


Current Pre-School - a presentation from Reception about starting in Team Crane.

Current Reception - a presentation from Year 1 about starting in Team Halton.

Current Year 1 - a presentation from Year 2 about starting in Team Lucas.

Current Year 2 - a presentation from Year 3 about starting in Team Rigby.

Current Year 3 - a presentation from Year 4 about continuing in Team Rigby.

Current Year 4 - a presentation from Year 5 about starting in Team Venables.


Please note that our current Year 5 children remain in the same classroom with the same teacher so there is no presentation for them.