Team Lucas


This is our Year 2 class.  Our class teacher is Mrs Breheny and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Jenkinson who we share with Team Halton. We have P.E. on a Monday and Tuesday and Forest School on alternate Friday's. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing in school for each activity.


Life in Year 2

Children will be provided with spellings each Monday, these will be sent through our online platform Purple Mash via your child's email account. Children will be required to practise these spellings and know the meaning of them. Children will be required to read at home daily to consolidate their phonics knowledge, improve reading fluency and comprehension skills.

There will be opportunities to become part of our School and Eco Council. Children will be able to nominate themselves for these roles and create their own manifestos. The positions will be decided as each member of the class cast their votes. Other exciting roles within the class include P.S.H.E. Ambassador and Spiritual Leaders.

Throughout the course of Year 2, pupils continue to develop a love of learning. They take part in many hands on activities in which knowledge sticks and enhances learning experiences enabling them to become lifelong learners. Our Twitter feed gives you a flavour and keeps you up to date with some of the activities that the children have taken part in.




The whole year curriculum Year 2 will follow is here.

The Autumn Term Liaison is here.

The Autumn Term Homework Grid (Show and Tell activities) is here.


Knowledge Organisers

A Knowledge Organiser is a set of key vocabulary, facts and information on a topic that your child needs to be able to know and recall by the end of the topic. Please use these at home as conversation starters to discuss learning and as a way of helping your child commit their learning to long-term memory (for example, you may want to cut up the vocabulary and meanings and play matching pairs or encourage your child to learn how to spell the words).


Land Ahoy Knowledge Organiser

The Bible Knowledge Organiser

Christmas Knowledge Organiser


Reading With Your Child


Whatever stage your child is at in their reading journey, it is essential that you spend time reading together daily, discussing the text and new vocabulary.



  1. I read to you, you read to me - take turns to read a sentence aloud to each other.
  2. Be patient when your child is trying to sound out an unfamiliar word - give him or her time to do so. Then, one more time for understanding - ask them to re-read the sentence again to understand the meaning.
  3. Find three words or phrases you like in the text and explain why.
  4. Ask who, what, when where and why questions.
  5. Create a distraction-free reading space to sit quietly and enjoy your book. Make reading a book a natural thing to do.

Delving Deeper

What has happened in the story so far?

Who is the main character?

Find 3 clues in the story that tell you what kind of a character this is.

What do you think of the main character? Have you changed your mind as you read the story?

What is your favourite part of the story? Why?

Can you make a link between this story and another story and say why you like them?

Was there a problem in the story? How was it resolved?

Identify the key events in the story and put them in order.

Discuss new vocabulary and can you use it in a sentence of your own?



A successful home school reading partnership is essential. Indicating in your child's reading diary that you have heard them read and what you have discussed is helpful for the teacher.

Below are examples of parental entries that may support you in what you record:


Read to page 15. We discussed words to describe the dragon.  Parent name/initials

Read pages 13-19. We found words with the 'ew' sound. Parent name/initials

Read pages 20-30 as a shared read - we enjoyed reading a page each and discussing new words that we found. Parent name/initial


Useful Links:

Reading Eggs Parent Guide.

Recommended Reading List for Year 2.

Year 2 Useful Links


Purple Mash - an award winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their learning in a fun and creative way. Children have logins for this in their Reading Diary.

Reading Eggs - great online reading games and activities that makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children. Children have logins for this in their Reading Diary.

Fast Phonics - a phonics programme that helps children to become strong readers and boosts reading skills. Children have logins for this in their Reading Diary.

Mathseeds - an online resource that combines highly structured lessons that are fun, motivational and rewarding. Children have logins for this in their Reading Diary.

BBC Bitesize Primary - this has some fantastic resources that cover all the areas across the curriculum.

Hit the Button - an online platform to support the four operations that can be accessed for free.

Oxford Owl - free resources to support learning at home including free eBooks for 3-11 year old children and educational activities and games.