Forest School

Through regular Forest School sessions we instill a love of the great outdoors. Inspirational, stimulating, hands on experiences develop self esteem, confidence and responsibility.  The use of the outdoor setting, the various real tools and the natural resources bring learning to life, creating an understanding of the balance of nature and the finite resources around us.  Working as a team to solve problems fosters communication and negotiation skills and through taking informed, self-calculated risks and choices, children learn to ensure their own and others' safety, developing sympathy and empathy towards the group around them.


Newburgh CE Primary School uses they outdoor area to contribute to the development of independent, confident, responsible learners through providing children with experience of Forest School ethos.  Forest School is a holistic approach to learning, responding to children's individuality and nurturing skills for lifelong learning. Outdoor learning fosters children's independence and interdependence, resilience, appropriate risk taking and self-motivated learning.  Forest School explores the natural environment with practical, useful activities all year round, with knowledgeable, well trained practitioners facilitating and supporting learning.


Forest School sessions always have a learning focus which are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum and might include activities such as whittling wood, map reading, transitional art, creating a fire pit, storytelling, den building and bird watching.


Every Friday afternoon our Reception and Nursery children take part in Forest School.  Years 1 and 2 join them on alternate weeks.  Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 have one Forest School lesson every half term. We have exceptional outdoor space here at Newburgh for our children to enjoy fully.


We enjoy welcoming families to our Family Forest School so they can find out what it is all about.

Woodland Trust Green School Award


We have earned the Woodland Trust Green Tree Gold Award as a school.  To achieve this award we have:

  • Visited woodland.
  • The Eco Council led an assembly about the importance of trees and woodland.
  • Held a tree party
  • Planted trees
  • Created a tree champion
  • Took photographs from a bugs eye view.

Tree Charter


As part of our school community's commitment to Forest School, we thought you may be interested in signing the Tree Charter Petition. Show you care by following the link and agreeing to the Tree Charter Ten Principles.