Online Safety


This policy applies to all members of the school community (including staff, pupils, parents/carers, visitors and school community users).

Research has proven that use of technology brings enormous benefits to learning and teaching. However,  as with many developments in the modern age, it also brings an element of risk. Whilst it is unrealistic to eliminate all risks associated with technology, the implementation of an effective eSafety Policy will help children to develop the skills and confidence to manage potential risks and considerably reduce their impact.

Our eSafety Policy, as part of the wider safeguarding agenda, outlines how we will ensure our school community are prepared to deal with the safety challenges that the use of technology brings. The policy is organised in 4 main sections:  

  • Policies and Practices
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Education and Training
  • Standards and Inspection.

School’s vision for eSafety

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide a rich and engaging educational experience in a caring, Christian environment in which each individual is valued and respected so that they are all enabled to reach their full potential.

  • All children are encouraged to maximise the benefits and opportunities that technology has to offer.
  • School provides a diverse, balanced and relevant approach to the use of technology.
  • School ensures that children learn in an environment where security measures are balanced appropriately with the need to learn effectively.
  • Children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to use technology appropriately and responsibly.
  • School teaches how to recognise the risks associated with technology and how to deal with them, both within and outside the school environment.
  • All users understand the need for an eSafety policy. 

Full E-safety Policy

The latest full E-safety policy is available for download.