History Overview


History is a very important curriculum subject at Newburgh CE School and we want our pupils to have a good knowledge and understanding of Newburgh, the local area and its history and heritage. We aim to foster a life-long interest and enthusiasm in this area of learning and we encourage our pupils to ask historical questions about evidence and artefacts. We want our children to understand the process of change over time, diverse societies and also how history has had an impact on their own lives.


We have mapped the curriculum content to build upon the pupils' historical knowledge, skills and vocabulary and allow for progression within the year groups. We deliver engaging and interesting lessons, using a wide range of resources and artefacts and we provide opportunities for our children to investigate, research and ask historical questions.


Through our carefully planned curriculum, combined with high quality teaching, we develop the following:

  • An excellent knowledge of the history of Newburgh and the local area;
  • An understanding of different time periods, British History and World History;
  • A rich and varied Historical vocabulary;
  • Ability to ask perceptive questions, think critically and discuss evidence;
  • Excellent explanation skills with regards to facts and findings;
  • The ability to communicate their findings effectively and present their ideas in a variety of ways to a range of audiences;
  • Ability to use and describe a range of historical artefacts and information sources;
  • A keen interest in History.


Our History policy is here.

Our Progression of Knowledge for 2019-2020 is here.

Our Progression of Knowledge for 2020-2021 is here.