Mission Statement:

Our aim is to provide a rich and engaging educational experience in a caring, Christian environment in which each individual is valued and respected so that all are enabled to reach their full potential.


Making an application

The website address for online applications is  It is not normally possible to change the order of your preferences for schools after the closing date. Parents must complete the Local Authority application form, stating three preferences. Parents who wish their application to this Church school to be considered against the faith criteria should also complete the supplementary form. If the school is oversubscribed, a failure to complete the supplementary form may result in your application for a place in this school being considered against lower priority criteria as the Governing Body will have no information upon which to assess the worship attendance. Applications may also be made on-line on the common application form; the Diocesan Supplementary Form appears when you click 'submit'. It should be printed off and handed in to the appropriate school or schools. Letters informing parents of whether or not their child has been allocated a place will be sent out by the Local Authority on 17th April 2023. Parents of children not admitted will be informed of the reason and offered an alternative place by the Authority.


Admissions procedures 2023-2024

Arrangements for admission have been agreed following consultation between the governing body, the Diocesan Board of Education, Local Authorities and other admission authorities in the area. The number of places available for admission to the Reception class in the year 2023 will be a maximum of 17.


The governing body will not place any restrictions on the admissions to the reception class unless the number of children for whom admission is sought exceeds their admission number. By law, no infant class may contain more than thirty children. The Governing Body operates a system of equal preferences under which they consider all preferences equally and the Local Authority notifies parents of the result. In the event that there are more applicants than places, after admitting all children with a statement of educational need naming the school, the governing body will allocate places using the criteria below, which are listed in order of priority.

  1. Children in Public Care. This includes any looked after child and any child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residences or special guardianship order.
  2. Children with special medical or social circumstances affecting the child where these needs can only be met at this school.
  3. Children who have a sibling attending the school on the date of application and on the date of admission.
  4. Children whose parents live in the ecclesiastical/civil parish of Newburgh.
    1. Children with a parent/guardian worshipping in a church in membership of Churches Together in England*
    2. Other children.
  5. Children whose parents live outside the ecclesiastical/civil parish of Newburgh.
    1. Children with a parent/guardian worshipping in a church in membership of Churches Together in England*
    2. Other children.

*At least once a month for six months.

Twins etc

Where there are twins, triplets wanting admissions and there is only a single place left within the admission number, then the governing body will exercise as much flexibility as possible with the requirements of infant class sizes.  In exceptional circumstances we are now able to offer places for both twins and all triplets, even when this means breaching infant class size limits.  This may also apply to siblings who are in the same year group.


Tie break

Where there are more applicants for the available places within a category, then the distance between the Ordnance Survey address points for the school and the home measured in a straight line will be used as the final determining factor, nearer addresses having priority over more distant ones.  This address point is within the body of the property and usually located at its centre. Where the cutoff point is for addresses within the same building, then the single measure between address points will apply and the Local Authority's system of a random draw will determine which address(es) receive the offer(s).


In Year Admissions

In-year admission is the process of applying for a school place during the school year. Any applications for the intake made after the start of the autumn term will be treated as an in-year application.


The in-year admission process in managed by the school. Parents are required to complete the in-year application form, which is available below and return this to  If a space is available you will be notified within 2 school days. 


Where a place cannot be secured, parents will be offered a legal right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.


Lancashire County Council administers the appeals process on behalf of the school. Parents can complete the school's appeal form on Lancashire County Council's website.


Application Form Please complete this to apply for a place and return to  You will receive a response to your application via email.

Supplementary Form 

In Year Admissions Arrangements



Admissions Procedures 2024-2025


To apply for a school place in Reception in  September 2024 please see the following documents:

Admissions Policy

Supplementary Form


Admissions Procedures 2025-2026


To apply for a school place in Reception in September 2025 please see the following documents:

Admissions Policy

Supplementary Form