Christianity at Newburgh School


As a Church of England primary school Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. We have six Gospel Values:-









We look at one Gospel Value per term. Children are introduced to the Gospel Value for that term in their School Families during a half day session at the start of term and they are then encouraged to model this value in school.


The Gospel Value for the Spring term is HOPE

We are using this value to reinforce our positive mindset of 'I can't do it.....yet'

Powerpoint shared during Collective Worship to launch the value of Hope.

The Gospel Value for the Autumn term is RESPECT

We are learning at school about the importance of treating others, ourselves property and our environment respectfully.

"Respect - to get it you must give it." - Anon.

We launched this value with a special collective worship about respect. During our unique Gospel Afternoon the children in Reception were assigned their Gospel Family. Within this family our children completed activities and learned more about this value to demonstrate their understanding of how important it is to live this value out in their daily lives.

Powerpoint shared during Collective Worship to launch the value of Respect.

Powerpoint delivered by Spiritual Leaders on the value of Respect.

Spiritual Leaders


As Spiritual Leaders in each year group, all children are given the opportunity to prepare the weekly class worship and lead on the planning and delivery of a whole school worship once every term. At the end of the child-led worship, the Spiritual Leaders are then presented with a certificate to recognise what they have done within their year group.

The rainbow certificate demonstrates all the knowledge and skills the Year 6 child has applied during their journey as a spiritual leader from Reception to Year 6. Children gain one stripe of the rainbow each year, starting with red and working towards violet to complete the rainbow in  Year 6.

The Spiritual Leaders are responsible for ensuring that their class reflective worship area is clean, tidy and up to date with their learning in R.E. as well as the termly Gospel Value.

Spiritual Garden


During 2022-2023 we created a Spiritual Garden. During the school year 2023-2024 this space will now be used for class worship, well-being and to enhance learning across the curriculum. Our spiritual garden enrichment club will begin in the autumn term and this space will be open for our community groups to use as well.


Worship in Church


We try to have regular services in our beautiful church, Christ Church, Newburgh.


Welcome Worship

This was a wonderful service led by our Year 6 children to welcome our new families to our school. Year 6 and Reception buddies were also announced and the Year 6 children also received their Prefect badges.

Welcome Worship in Church


National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report (SIAMS)


As a church school we are routinely inspected by the Diocese in addition to other statutory inspections. At our last inspection we were graded as Outstanding.

A copy of our latest report can be found here.