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At Newburgh Church of England Primary School, we aim to provide a rich and engaging science curriculum that meets the needs of the children in our community. Our Science curriculum is designed to deepen knowledge and develop skills, ensuring effective progression within the subject and across all year groups. The science curriculum is delivered through highly effective 'quality first teaching' which aims to stimulate pupils' interest in scientific phenomena and to foster a sense of awe and wonder. Through this delivery we provide children with the foundations for understanding the world.

In science we follow the national curriculum, in which meaningful investigations and enquiry are the core of every child's learning. Our science curriculum is based on a two yearly cycle in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) which has been shaped and developed to meet children's interest and needs in our mixed age classes.


Science Policy

EYFS Science Plans

EYFS Science Skills Progression

Science Overview (Years 1-6)

Science Knowledge Progression

Science Skills Progression


Knowledge Organisers

A Knowledge Organiser is a set of key vocabulary, facts and information on a topic that your child needs to be able to know and recall by the end of the topic. Please use these at home as conversation starters to discuss learning and as a way of helping your child commit their learning to long-term memory (for example, you may want to cut up the vocabulary and meanings and play matching pairs or encourage your child to learn how to spell the words.


Autumn Term:

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser - Animals/Seasonal Change

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser - Materials

Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser - Animals & Humans

Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser - Animals


Spring Term:

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser - Materials

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser - Seasonal Change

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Scented Garden

Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser - Forces & Magnets

Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser - Living things & their habitats

Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser - Electricity

Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser - Light


Summer Term:

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser - Plants

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser - Healthy Living & Seasonal Changes

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser - Habitats

Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser - Light

Year 3/4 Knowledge Organiser - Rocks

Year 5/6 Knowledge Organiser - Reversible & Irreversible Changes



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