School Meals

There’s so much to choose from on our new menu, including new children’s favourites served with  seasonal vegetables or as much as your child wants from the salad bar, plus pudding or yoghurt or fresh fruit.


Dinners from 2nd November


Week 1 - week commencing 15th November & 6th December 2021

Monday: Pork Sausages and Gravy, Cheese & Pasta Bake or Jacket Potato

Tuesday: Cheese and Potato Pie, Veggie Baked Bean Chilli or French Bread Pizza

Wednesday: Roast Beef, Pasta Neapolitan or Jacket Potato

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Tikka Curry, Jacket Potato or Tuna and Cheese Melt

Friday: Fish Fingers, Pizza Margherita or Jacket Potato


Week 2 - week commencing 22nd November & 13th December 2021

Monday: Soup & Cheese Panini Melt, Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta or Jacket Potato

Tuesday: Cottage Pie, Veggie & Cheese Taco or Crispy Fish Finger Wrap

Wednesday: Roast Chicken, Vegetable Korma Curry or French Bread Pizza

Thursday: Beef Burger, Vegetable Lasagne or Vegetarian Sausage Roll

Friday: Crispy Battered Fish, Pizza Margherita or Jacket Potato


Week 3 - weeks commencing 8th & 29th November 2021

Monday: Pasta Bolognaise, Filled Omelette, Jacket Potato

Tuesday: Crispy Bubble Coated Salmon, Cheese Whirl, French Bread Pizza

Wednesday: Roast Pork, Pasta Arrabbiata or Jacket Potato

Thursday: Chinese Style Chicken Curry, Cheese & Onion Potato Skins or Pork Sausage in a Bun

Friday: Fish Fingers, Pizza Margherita or Jacket Potato


Christmas Dinner

Our Christmas dinner is on Tuesday 7th December. The meal choice on that day is Turkey & Trimmings. There are no other options. Please complete the form below to let us know if your child will be having Christmas dinner or bringing a packed lunch:

Christmas Dinner Form

Dinner choices can be emailed to