Welcome to Newburgh Nursery. Our Nursery is part of our Early Years Foundation Stage along with our Reception class - Team Crane. Mrs Duthie is our Reception teacher and oversees the Early Years Foundation Stage along with our Lead Nursery Practitioner, Miss Menarry and Nursery staff Miss Frazer and Miss Fairclough.



We are an Outstanding Nursery for 3 & 4 year olds.  Our latest Ofsted report is here.

We were awarded the Lancashire Quality Award in December 2020.

Please scroll down this page to see our twitter feed which gives you a flavour of the activities the children have enjoyed over the last few days. There is also our home school liaison which parents receive every other week. This lets you know what our Nursery children will experience over those two weeks and gives you ideas of how you can support with this at home. You can also find our Early Years Foundation Stage Policy and some useful websites, apps and information. Under Statutory Information/Curriculum there is also more information about what children learn in the Early Years Foundation Stage along with photographs of learning in action at Newburgh.


At Newburgh Nursery children are encouraged to develop key skills in preparation for school including letter and number recognition, mark making, creativity and independence. Skillwise sports run one pre-school session each week with Nursery children to develop key physical development skills. Nursery children also participate in Forest School every Friday afternoon.

At Newburgh Nursery we use a key person system which provides your child with a member of staff they have developed a good relationship with. Although all of our children have the chance to engage with all members of staff and may make strong relationships with all; the key person system allows one member of our setting to be responsible for your child's development and assessments. The system also allows you as a parent to develop a good parent partnership with us and any opportunities for supporting your child or any queries you may have, can be dealt with by your child's key person. Parent evenings and open mornings that we hold will allow you to discuss your child's development with your key person and consider your child's well-being. However, we are ALL responsible for the safety, care and development of every child in our setting and you may speak to any one of us. After a couple of weeks in Nursery when your child has made these attachments and their baseline assessment has been completed; you will be updated via tapestry of your child's initial next step along with who your child's key person will be.


We offer up to 30 free hours per week via the Early Years Free Entitlement Scheme and we accept childcare vouchers.  The cost of places is:-


 Full day - £32.50

Half day - £15.00

Half day including lunch time - £17.50

Lunchtime session when not covered by free hours - £2.50


If you would like to express an interest in your child joining Newburgh Nursery then please complete the form below and either post to school or email to

Expression of Interest Form

Nursery Admission Policy

Newburgh All Round Care Policy

Nursery Home School Liaison

Latest Newsletters

Nursery Twitter Feed

Open Mornings/Family Experiences


At Newburgh Nursery we usually like to welcome parents in each term to take part in open mornings/afternoons. Please click on our links below.



Autumn Term - Literacy

Autumn Term - The physical development of children

Sping Term - Mathematical Development

Spring Term - Forest School



Please visit our Reading at Home page for advice and ideas to support developing reading skills.


Please visit our Maths Page for advice and ideas to support mathematical learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage & All Round Care Policies

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

All Round Care Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disability Local Offer

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Local Offer can be found on our SEND page which is here

The Lancashire Quality Award

The Lancashire Quality Award is obtained by completing seven modules:

  • Relationships with children, parents and the wider community
  • Sharing food and celebrations
  • Leading a successful team
  • Opportunities and experiences
  • Making the most of the outdoors
  • Role of the adult
  • Meeting everyone's needs


Each module is built around a set of standards which need to be reflected in practice. We successfully completed all modules and were awarded The Lancashire Quality Award in December 2020.

Useful Websites, Apps & Information

EYFS Useful links and information:

Princess of Wales - 'shaping us' the importance of a child's first 5 years of life

Internet Safety - supporting parents and pre-schoolers to stay safe online

Supporting Communication

Supporting Literacy

Walk and talk - supporting communication when 'out and about'

Information on Healthy Packed Lunches from First Steps Nutrition

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Encouraging Healthy Food Choices and Cooking at Home

Supporting Early Maths

Hungry Little Minds.-Many little things light up hungry little minds. Children take everything in, and even the smallest things you do with them can make a big difference. This website is full of simple, fun activities for children, from newborn to five. -Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage.

Small Talk-Ideas and activities from the National Literacy Trust

I CAN-For more information about children’s communication

A Better Start – for more information about building young brains

NSPCC -Provides free ‘brain-building tips’ for children

Bilingualism Matters provides information about children learning more than one language.

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists can provide support if you’re worried about your child’s speech and language development.

Keep Your Cool Toolbox - What if you could help them to prevent 'flipping their lid' in the first instance?

Early Language Gap is more than just words -

What to Expect When in the EYFS

EYFS Development Matters

Oral Hygiene Powerpoint

Lancashire County Council Learn At Home

Lancashire County Council Play Explore and Learn

Lego Build and Play

ECMG Family Postcards - Maths

ECMG Family Postcards - Pre School 


EYFS Suggested Websites and Apps to Support Learning: CBeebies storytime is filled with free interactive story books and bedtime stories for young children and is a great way to enjoy reading with your little ones. The library is always growing with amazing stories featuring all the CBeebies favourites. -CBeebies Playtime Island contains a wide range of fun and educational games to help children understand the world around them and support the development of core skills. Children can play along with all of CBeebies most popular characters. Teach Your Monster to Read is a phonics and reading game that helps children learn to read. The app covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying small books. Play is filled with lots of phonics based activities including games which focus on developing the vital listening skills needed when learning to read. learn how much fun counting can be by singing along and help the Numberblocks to solve problems. Hero teaches children to read and spell using phonics. The app includes over 850 fun and varied games. Using a step-by-step approach, children learn the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words and how to conquer sentences. is a listening bookshop that provides young children with a patient, comforting listening ear to help in the learning-to-read journey, but with the added benefit of tracking progress, identifying reading challenges and highlighting to their adult carers where support is needed. Lingumi provides a course focused on spoken and communicative English. The app provides sets of learning games, speech recognition games and video-based games to help the child grow their grammar and get them speaking. Kaligo is a digital handwriting exercise book designed to teach children how to write using a stylus and tablet. A self-paced approach enables children to progress their own speed according to their ability giving corrective feedback national charity that provides children with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading. a school which values the joy of nature and the outdoors, we recommend this website for lots of interesting, fun and educational activities to do as a family.

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