Mathematics Overview


Mathematics at Newburgh is a creative subject underpinned by the three aims of the new national curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving.



The teaching and learning of maths aims to give children the ability to spot patterns, make connections, find new ways of looking at things and use what they already know in new context. With a creative approach to maths children are encouraged to play around with examples, draw useful pictures that clarify their understanding, have the courage to experiment and ask good questions. Children are supported to move fluently between concrete representations of mathematical ideas to more abstract written methods as their confidence grows.


Concrete Resources and Manipulatives

From Nursery upwards, children have the opportunity to access and learn through structured resources. Using manipulatives, models and images enables children to build a deep understanding of number and the relationships of different numbers, developing children's fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. These resources provide children with a clear image of abstract concepts to enable them to develop their understanding across mathematics. These resources are used to develop their understanding across mathematics. These resources are used to embed basic skills such as odd and even numbers, number bonds and also help develop children's understanding of the four mathematical operations from Key Stage 1. They continue to be used to consolidate skills and as part of investigation and exploration activities in Key Stage 2, forming an important part of making written methods quantifiable in terms of place value.


Outdoor Learning and Real World Maths

It is really important for children to feel and understand that Maths is not a classroom activity but a part of real life. Personal, Social, Health Education (P.S.H.E.) links explore financial awareness and budgeting to enhance children's understanding of money, debit and credit in real life situations.



Children are supported in a variety of ways to ensure they achieve depth and breadth in Mathematics. Our aim is to help each child to become numerate and confident, to enjoy learning about mathematics and to develop the skills and positive attitudes needed to continue to make good progress.


Computer Based Learning and Homework

Opportunities to engage children in online learning environments have been promoted through the use of Purple Mash, Mathletics and Hit the Button. All children have their own login details so that they can access these resources at home. The new computing curriculum provides opportunities to use databases and algorithms thus extending the skills and application of children's mathematical learning.


Cross-Curricular links

Mathematics is an interconnected subject and the application of Maths is seen in Science, Design and Technology, Art and many other curriculum areas where problem solving, logical reasoning and recording are developed.


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